BCS Forex affiliate program

Affiliate programs: benefits

Forex affiliate program is ultimately considered as one of the most profitable affiliate marketing programs. All you have to do is to attract active traders and earn rewards for every transaction made by client. Affiliate program provides unlimited opportunities for your financial growth since the amount of your reward fully depends on the trading activity of your clients.

The higher your clients’ trade turnover is, the larger your reward will be.

Your rewards amount has no limits!

Forex affiliate program is an effective tool for gaining real and unlimited income.

Why choose BCS Forex affiliate program?

  • Minimal business investments;
  • No requirements to the minimum number of active clients;
  • No requirements to the minimum clients' trade turnover;
  • No restrictions applicable to the maximum reward amount;
  • Receive rewards during the entire period of your clients’ trading with BCS Forex.

How to become a partner?

  1. Create your personal account, then go to “My accounts” section to open your PARTNER.MT5 affiliate account;
  2. Accept the terms of the affiliate program;
  3. Open your PARTNER.MT4 account and receive rewards for trading operations in MT4 platform;
  4. Get your personal partner ID;
  5. Attract clients and earn rewards.

How to attract clients?

If you are
an active trader

Get rewards for referring clients. Tell your friends and your colleagues about the benefits of trading with BCS Forex. The affiliate agreement will leverage your status as an experienced trader.

If you are
popular Internet influencer

Do you have a group in social media, or perhaps, a blog or YouTube channel? Tell your subscribers about BCS Forex products and loyalty program in a video review or series of posts.

If you
own a website

Monetize your traffic with maximum benefit! Place BCS Forex advertising banners on your website and get rewards for referring clients. 

  •  Average CTR of advertising banners on thematic sites is 0.87%;
  • Average conversion of Landing page from a unique visitor to registration (Personal account) is 5.2%;
  • And average conversion rate of verified leads into active users is 32%!

Note: indicated are the average conversion data for 2016 (on conditions that you work with target traffic).

What are the tools to attract clients?

Partner ID is your unique number which is assigned to each client upon the partner account registration. The Partner ID can be viewed in the Personal Account in "Promo materials" section.

Referral link is a special link ending with your partner ID. To get this link to any page of company website, add ?partnership_id = (partner ID) at the end of the URL address.

You can also find main link in "Promotional materials" section

Example: http://old.bcsmarkets.com/?partnership_id=(ID partner).

Clients who went to BCS Forex website via your referral link will be automatically assigned to your partner ID.

Banners are graphic advertising materials for the use on website or the other sites. Banner works on the referral link principle, as it is built into it. You can see banners available for use in section "Promotional materials".

Bonus Calculation

Up to 50% of the spread

On DIRECT.MT5 and PRO.MT4 accounts the partner gains a fixed remuneration up to 50% of spread from each trade conducted by the client involved. The standard spread values are specified in Contract Specifications section.

  • Partner reward =
    [Spread] * [Point Cost] * 50% (Bonus)
  • Point Cost =
    [Transaction volume in lots] * [Contract size] * [Point is the minimum price change]

The result will be expressed in quote currency (the second currency in the pair) . If the quote currency is different from USD, then the received amount must be converted at the appropriate exchange rate of this currency to USD.


The partner has attracted 10 clients to the company; each of them opened a  DIRECT.MT5 account and has performed trading transactions in the amount 20 lots by EUR/USD currency pair during the month.

The Bonus Size for one client will be:

Point cost:

20 (volume of the transaction in lots) * 100,000 (contract size) * 0.0001 (point) = 200 USD


0.9 (standard spread) * 200 (point cost) * 50% (remuneration) = 90 USD

Total partner income per month would account for:

90 USD * 10 = 900 USD

Up to 50% of the commission

On NDD.MT5 and NDD.MT4 accounts the partner receives fixed bonus up to 50% of the commission for each trade conducted by the client attracted. The  commission is 0.006% of volume of trading for the full transaction cycle (i.e. opening and closing the position) and is specified in Contract Specifications section.

  • Partner's remuneration =
    [Trade turnover] * [Commission for the full transaction cycle] * 50% (Remuneration)
  • Trade turnover =
    [Transaction amount in lots] * [Contract amount]

The result will be expressed in base currency (the first currency in the pair). If the base currency is different from USD, then the result gained shall be converted to USD as per the appropriate base currency exchange rate.


The partner has attracted 10 clients to the company; each of them opened a DIRECT.MT5 account and has conducted  trading transactions  amounting to 20 lots on EUR/USD currency pair during the month.

The bonus for one client will be:

Trade turnover 
20 (amount of the transaction in lots) * 100,000 (Contract amount) = 2,000,000 EUR

2,000,000 EUR (Trade turnover) * 0.006% (Commission for the full transaction cycle) * 50% (Bonus) =  EUR 60 or (at the rate EUR/USD 1.10) USD 66

The total partner income per month would account for:

66 USD * 10 = 660 USD

We assign a dedicated customer manager to every partner. Our managers are always ready to provide all the necessary support and expert advice.

Check FAQ section if you have any questions left, or forward them directly to us by starting conversation in chat box.

* Note:
  1. Bonus is accrued only for trading operations with currency pairs (Forex), Spot metals (Spot-Metals) and for instruments of the Currency Market Group. Other instruments, including contracts for difference (CFD) are not included in the bonus calculation.
  2. The company does not charge any fee if the trade is closed less than one minute after opening  the position, or with financial result equal to less than one spread.
  3. Only closed positions are taken into account for the bonus calculation purposes. The positions opened at the moment of making monthly settlements will be included in the next settlement month (after the position closing).

Partnership agreement

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