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We offer you Forex economic  calendar which will be a great help both for the beginner trader and for more experienced players at the financial market. This indispensable economic tool contains the most relevant and popular information about the latest trends in the Forex market. Since the financial market does not stand still but is constantly in working process, then the economic news calendar is regularly updated on-line by our experts.

What is Forex economic calendar?

Forex Economic Calendar is a kind of events chronology  playing an important role in the international financial markets. The economic calendar  we offer provides valuable information for traders represented as statistics for a particular period. Economic events are sorted by time and date. Besides, each event contains information of the country it occurred in, as well as historical data of the macroeconomic indicator and information about the previous forecasts.

The calendar of Forex economic events reflects the most significant and actual macroeconomic indicators, such as:

  • changes in GDP volume;
  • consumer price index;
  • industrial production output;
  • corporate reports of major companies;
  • reports of ministries of different countries;
  • other international events that can influence the situation on Forex market.

An important feature of the economic calendar is its customization to  each particular trader. The functions of this news catalog allow you to select the most significant information from the newsfeed. You can specify search criteria you need and get data on a specific country or group of countries) for the current week or a certain time period.

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