Trader's Tutorial

The foreign exchange (Forex) market exists for several decades. The established practice of trading on it is somewhat different from that of other financial markets. Professionals have mastered these features and apply them in their work for a long time. For stable earnings in currency trading beginners need to have a proper special knowledge background.

We have prepared an online manual that outlines the history of international foreign exchange market, information of its players and financial calculations used in this market. Here you will find a lot of practical trading examples.

This tutorial will help you to master the basic trading skills in the foreign exchange market.


Foreign Exchange (Forex, FX) — is an international currency exchange market, the total amount of currency exchange operations in the world. Other definitions applied are Foreign Exchange Market, Foreign Exchange Operations.

The trading site and participants

Forex history

The most important stages of international currency market development are Golden Standart, Bretton Woods system and Jamaica Accords. These stages were implemented by the global community to find the best model of currency market development.

Gold standard
The Bretton Woods System

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