Change in margin calculation for the Derivatives market instruments.

06/24/2021 12:47:00
Dear customers,

Please note that from June 28, 2021, the calculation of margin requirements for the Derivatives Market instruments group will be changed.

Now, if the parameters of the initial and maintenance margin on the Moscow Exchange are changed, then at the opening of a new session, the margin requirements for open positions on the DIRECT.MT5 account will be recalculated.

The initial margin is the amount that must be present on the account when trying to enter the market. Maintenance margin is the minimum amount that must be present on the account to maintain an open position.

The margin will be calculated as follows:

Volume in lots * Initial margin

Volume in lots * Maintenance margin

Instrument parameters depend on the corresponding parameters of instruments on the Moscow Exchange (MOEX) and are specified in the instrument specifications in the MetaTrader 5 trading platform.

Besides, if the size of the maintenance margin is not specified in the instrument specification in the MetaTrader5 trading platform, then the size of the initial margin is taken as it.

Please keep this information in mind when making trading transactions.

Should any questions arise, feel free to contact us at any time. We are reachable via online chat. You can also send a support ticket from your Profile or write an email to We are here to help you!

Best regards,
BCS Markets
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