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Open your demo account

Demo account means not only a unique opportunity for newcomers to get real trading skills using virtual tools, to study peculiarities of trading in Forex market and the international stock market in real time, but also an indispensable tool for developing and testing your own trading strategies with no risk for financial savings.

Trade in Forex market can bring quite a high and stable income. However, beginner traders need at least basic knowledge of the foreing exchange market principles, its players interface, settlement procedure and the other details of online trading in financial instruments. Some novice traders mistakenly believe that trading Forex is just a game where you need to bet on growth or drop of currencies, forgetting the risks and basic rules for managing your own capital.

To make training the really efficient, you should focus on two main stages: study of theory and long-term practice in the knowledge acquired.

Online trading theory 

All the necessary theoretical basics of Forex market  can be found on our site in  Forex for beginners section. After Logging In you get access to section in which you can learn the theory of online trading using our online courses. They contain the basics of  the foreign exchange market functioning. You will learn Forex instruments, what currency pairs and exchange rate is , leverage, lots, swap, margin call, stop-out and many other aspects. You will learn also about types and features of trading orders and how to calculate the trading result. For all the topics there are numerous case studies and calculations. The courses are supplemented with video lessons that will be very useful for beginners since they present information in a simple and clear form..

Then training for work at trading platform follows. Several detailed video tutorials will tell you about platform configuration, working with charts and indicators, as well as how to create trade orders and use automation in Forex trading, i.e. trading advisors and automatic trading systems.

On our website you will also find Trader's Tutorial. It contains all the basic information necessary for the beginner that relates to international Forex market: from the emergence history to the technology of trade in various instruments.

Forex trading practice

Practical training is perhaps the most important stage on the way of mastering online trading. Practice helps to consolidate theoretical knowledge and gain invaluable experience.

In order to practice Forex trading it is not necessary to immediately open a trading account and risk your real money. Beginners are given an opportunity to open a free Forex demo account and trade in real time on the same terms as in the real trading account but using virtual money.

We hope that the information in this section will be useful for beginner traders and help you to master real trading on Forex in the shortest time possible and to get a stable income.

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